Open Source Langmuir Probe


Langmuir probes are by far the easiest plasma diagnostic tool available to the plasma scientist and engineer. However, the details of construction, analysis scripts, and nuances of use are oftne not well communicated in literature or easily reprodicuble by a different research group. The aim of this project is to help fix this. This website will provide a design, bill of materials, construction procudeure, and analysis procedure for all steps of using a Langmuir probe. All designs and software will be open source. Any correction or new implemenetation will be documented with credit to the contributer. We hope this will be a living project with feedback from the larger plasma science community.

Background Reading

The following are a list of links to good introductory articles, books, and presentations which the user of a Langmuir probe would find helpful.

1. David N. Ruzic's book is a great introduction to the basics of plasma's with a hands on approach to implementing a Langmuir porbe as well performing the data analysis:Electric Probes for Low Temperature Plasmas by David N. Ruzic

2. Chen's introduction to langmuir probes with special attention to design in an RF plasma as well as the orbital motion limited regime:Langmuir Probe Diagnostics by Francis F. Chen

Assmebly Files

Conceptual Schematics

1.Overall System Schematic

Probe CAD file

Analysis Circuit Files

Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instruction Documents

Video Instruction of Assembly

Bill of Materials

Analysis Scripts

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